Nuevo Servidor Interlude Abiero Recientemente (HORAS) x75 MID RATE custom accesory

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Nuevo Servidor Interlude Abiero Recientemente (HORAS) x75 MID RATE custom accesory

Mensaje  bluewolf el Mar Mayo 26, 2015 12:08 am


(Server Event activate 365Days = Ketra's Town in Ketra Orc Outpost is Invaded ! Try eliminate Monsters and Winn Items !)

-Each Month its finished the winner in our Tops PK-PVP Can reclaim the reward[(Max 3Reward-3month- Each CharacterTopPlayer)15kk adena]
-In the Entrance of One of all CH'S in Each City have 1AntiPK
-Assasin's Light Armor Set(like draconic S grade Armor 5% more) for each Leader of clan With clan lvl 5 o more(at
the start of server,in days clan lvl8)
-Epic Glow Hero Aura With Weapon
-Mammon Merchant and Blacksmith in Giran Town

Start Adena = 2kk500k
NG-D-C-B Items = Retail
A-S Items = GM-Shop and Retail
Auto Learn Skills
Geodata and Pathnode Implemented(Can't use WallShoting)

Supreme Gatekeeper Locs:

Farm Zones-ScrllDdropzone= Bears Drop Blesseds Weapon D
Ghost Drop Blessed Armor D

Farm Zones-Secret RB Zone= Drop Life Stones

% life stone = 5% purple augment
% high life stone = 15% purple augment
% top life stone = 30% purple augment

MaxBuff = 64
MaxDebuff = 6

Safe = 6
Max With normal/blesseds = 16
Max With Crystals = 20

% NORMALS = 45%
% BLESSEDS = 65%
% CRYSTALS = 100%

RateXp = x75
RateSp = x75
RatePartyXp = x1
RatePartySp = x1
RateDropAdena = x100
RateConsumableCost = x1
RateDropItems = x30
RateDropSealStones = x1
RateDropSpoil = x30
RateDropManor = x1


Grand Boss:

AdenaBoss = x2
ItemsBoss = x1

Raid Boss:

AdenaRaid = x1
ItemsRaid = x3

-Inventory space limits
NoDwarf = 125
Dwarf = 150
-Warehouse space limits Dwarfs will get bonus from lvl 60
SlotsForDwarf = 150
SlotsForNoDwarf = 125
SlotsForClan = 210
FreightSlots = 20

Exclusive RaidBosses With Drops in:
-Siegue CH's

Exclusive RaidBoss(with Custom Drop) On Catacombs: NAME (Wizard)
-Dark Omens
-Forbidden Path

Try Search and have Fun with it!

The GM'S Have Exclusive Armor And Weapons(NoItemName)

We have Exclusive Server Quests(Like "Protect CH of Our GameMaster" At the entrance of Raindbow Springs)
We Have Exclusive Server Raids With History(Like our Outlaws System,Mother Tree and Shilen)
We Have Exclusive Server Method of Outlaws(Bosses around the Land)
Exclusive NPC'S In Some Clan Halls,Exclusives of Each City,example:Aden have One Npc With Info About One Raid Boss In Ch,only is a example.


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